Top celebrity birthdays list for April 26th, 2019
  • Actor/Actress:         

    Channing Tatum 

    Career:    actor

    Actor Channing Tatum was born on Saturday,, April  26th,  1980  in  the United States.

    Jason Earles  

    Career:    TV actor

    TV Actor Jason Earles was born on Tuesday,  April  26th, 1977  in  the United States.

    Tom Welling

    Career:  TV actor

    TV Actor Tom Welling was born on Tuesday, April  26th, 1977  in   New York.

    Stana Katic 

    Career:  TV actress

    TV Actress Stana Katic was born on Wednesday, April  26th,  1978  in   Canada.

    Sterling Griffith  

    Career:   movie actress

    Movie actress Sterling Griffith was born on Thursday, April  26th,  2001  in  Texas.

    Emily Wickersham  

    Career:  TV  actress

     TV Actress Emily Wickersham was born on Thursday, April  26th , 1984  in   Kansas.

    Jemima Kirke

    Career:  TV actress

    TV Actress Jemima Kirke was born on Friday,,  April  26th, 1985  in England.

    Shane O'Meara  


    Movie Actor Shane O'Meara was born on Sunday, April  26th ,1992  in Ireland.

    Other famous people born on April 26th:

    Scott Timlin- 31 years old- reality star

     Jessica Lynch – 36 years old- war hero

    Jade Cloud- 20 years old- dancer

     Cris Crotz  - 33 years old- model

    Eric Hoag- 29 years old- web video star

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